Yoga Styles

No one-size-fits-all

Yoga Styles 

Everything in life is about balance, so too the practice of yoga. One day you may need a dynamic practice, the next you may crave a slow, restorative session. Whether you join me for weekly yoga classes or for a month of intensive teacher training, this diversity is always part of what I have to offer. 

Believing in a safe and beneficial yoga practice, I choose quality over form. This means that in my classes you do not do headstands or crazy back bends if your body is not able to handle this yet. Instead, I help you to build strength and flexibility, to understand the movements of the flow and to grasp the anatomy of the poses. This way, it may take longer for you to get to the more advanced poses, but at least you get there injury free!

All my classes are suitable for beginners, unless specified otherwise.


If you are looking for a vigorous yoga work out, you can find your solace in Ashtanga yoga. Not only does it make you discover muscles you never knew you had, but it also teaches discipline and patience and promotes concentration. The Ashtanga Primary Series comprises a fixed sequence of postures that never gets boring. Through Ashtanga practice, you gain substantial strength, endurance and focus, among a host of other benefits. This class is excellent for beginners who are determined to cultivate a regular yoga practice. More advanced students who wish to deepen their knowledge about alignment are going to appreciate my adjustments and alignment tips.


If you feel particularly tight in the hips, struggle with back problems or feel your overall energy is not flowing as it should, Yin yoga could be your answer. Yin yoga is about reaching into the deeper connective tissues of the body. It releases both physical blockages as well as the more subtle, energetic ones. By holding the mostly seated and reclined postures for three to five minutes, circulation in the tendons, ligaments and fascia improves. This opens up the major joints of the body and releases tension throughout the whole body, improving overall mobility. The challenge of holding still teaches you to find inner focus and concentration as well. You leave a Yin class with sensation of deep restoration.


This traditional way of practicing yoga is suitable for beginners and advanced students alike. After dynamic sun salutations, the pace slows down and poses are held for a while (eight to ten breaths or even longer). Therefore, there is time to work on correct alignment and modifications where necessary. This helps to understand the poses and forms an excellent basis for other style of yoga such as Vinyasa. The class always includes standing postures, seated asanas and poses on the belly and on the back. I often include some meditation and pranayama too, offering a very complete training for body and soul.

Yin & Yang

If you are looking for balance, Yin & Yang yoga offers just that. The class starts with some long-held Yin yoga asanas to open up the energy meridians (see above) and then flow into a strong standing sequence to get the heart pumping and the blood flowing before winding down for the relaxing closing postures. Body and mind always enjoy the combination of a meditative practice and a physical work out.


If you like to flow and dance, Vinyasa yoga is a perfect way to express that creativity. While moving with the breath you flow through a sequence of standing and seated poses that can range from easy to advanced. You get to work on your core, the alignment of your body in space, your balance and your flexibility. My Vinyasa classes are never the same. The level of the participants and the energy of the day inspire the sequence.


If you need some time to support, nurture and care for your body, Restorative yoga gives you exactly what you are looking for. The postures are fully supported with bolsters, pillows and blocks and are held for long blissful minutes. This gives the body and the mind the time to completely relax and let go of any kind of tension. In a world where we are constantly running to keep up with our own lives, Restorative yoga is the perfect antidote to stress and frustration.

Private Classes & Health Coaching

If you feel that the scheduled classes do not offer what you need or you simply cannot attend them, please consider private classes. I have worked with people with chronic conditions or a preference to practice in private. Together we can decide what kind of yoga you need on a class by class basis. I can support you in your healing process or in anything you need. We can tailor the length and strength of the class entirely to your schedule and condition. I can also give you useful advice on how to develop your own practice.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions about the styles described above or anything about yoga and my classes in general.

“Yaisa knows her stuff and shares it in a calm, easy going way. The way of the yogi.” 
~ Sytze B. from El Gouna, Egypt, December 2015