Yoga Teacher Trainings

Yoga Teacher Trainings

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Yoga Here & There Teacher Trainings

We are a global community of experienced yoga teachers, providing authentic small group teacher training in idyllic locations around the world. We believe the life-changing benefits of yoga should be accessible to everyone – not just the super-fit and bendy – so we actively encourage students of all ages and abilities to join us.

Stunning Locations

In Australia and worldwide. All our courses and retreats provide a tranquil, immersive experience where you can switch off from the world and live and breathe yoga. Whether conducted over a day, weekend or month; in iconic locations like Bali, France, Egypt, or South Australia’s beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula; our courses and retreats are always held in stunning natural environments. And with international travel for many being taken temporarily offline because of COVID-19, we’ve had time to focus on our local offerings, creating perfect retreat experiences close to home

small group tuition


Including our directors Yaisa and Darja, our teachers are seasoned yoga teachers with many years’ experience in a wide range of yoga disciplines. And because we like to keep our groups small (maximum 10-16 people), we can adapt the training to the needs and preferences of each group, meaning each student gets a personalised and highly interactive experience. There is plenty of room for interaction with the teachers, dialogue, questions and exploration at every stage of your journey.

Yoga for Everyone


Our yoga teacher training courses are for people with a regular yoga practice who are interested not only in the asanas but also the spiritual and lifestyle aspects of yoga. It doesn’t matter what type of yoga floats your boat: because we offer multi-style training we guarantee you’ll be able to train in the yoga style – or combination of styles – which is perfect for you. We encourage students of all ages, sizes and abilities to apply – in fact, over the years we have welcomed many people with atypical abilities, injuries and chronic illnesses who have gone on to become highly successful yoga teachers.

Rigorous Teacher Training


There is no doubt that yoga teacher training can be challenging: not because you need to be able to stand on your head (you really don’t), but because of the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual journey that yoga takes you on. Whether you choose a retreat or a part-time course, you will be committing to a mentally and physically intense, immersive experience, including 12-hour days of study, practice, teaching and reflection, as well as homework assignments. We are committed to delivering some of the most rigorous teacher training available and ensuring that every minute of your time is well spent.

Explore the Deeper Side of Yoga

The team at Yoga Here & There are genuinely welcoming, passionate, supportive teachers from all around the world. They’re also the total opposite of highly stylised Instagram Yogis. For us, yoga is not about physical performance or flashy poses, but what lies within: the yoga behind the asana. So while there’s plenty of time to nail your trikonasana, you’ll also get a chance to explore the full eight limbs of yoga, including the millennia-old philosophical and spiritual teachings. We believe yoga is so much more than a workout on the mat: it’s a way of life which has the power to transform every aspect of our daily lives.

Choose the Training that Suits You


Our yoga teacher training is offered in full-time and part-time formats, across a range of international and Australian destinations. All our courses are delivered in stunning natural locations, allowing you to totally switch off and immerse yourself in yoga. Your training will consist of a combination of yoga classes, interactive workshops, partner work and presentations. Our teaching style is hands-on and practical with physical adjustments, opportunities to teach and regular feedback from your peers and teachers.

Multi-style Yoga Teacher Training (250 hours)

Learn about the various yoga styles, the history and philosophy of yoga, yoga anatomy, meditation and pranayama as well as practical and theoretical teaching skills.

Choose from a 29-day intensive residential retreat in Bali, France or Egypt (COVID travel restrictions permitting); or part-time weekend training over a period of 4-5 months plus a week-long all-inclusive retreat on the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia.

Yin Yoga Teacher Training (50 hours)

This is a specialised course for people interested in deepening their knowledge of Yin Yoga. It covers all aspects of Yin Yoga, including its history, an introduction to energy meridian theory and specialised anatomy relevant to Yin Yoga, such as the fascial meridians.

Choose from three weekends or six consecutive days’ training in Bali, France, Egypt or the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia.

Built on a history of friendship

Yaisa Nio and Darja Tjioe are the directors of Yoga Here & There but their history goes back much further. Best friends and soulmates since birth, their fathers studied together, and then travelled the world with their young families. The girls kept turning up in the same countries at the same time, and as adults, worked together as diving instructors in Egypt, the Maldives and as yoga teachers and trainers in Bali. Yoga Here & There was created in 2018 as a way for them to share their joint passion and meet up in some of the world’s most beautiful locations. As friends and business partners they are perfectly balanced: Darja with her ‘go with the flow’ vibe and spiritual focus, and Yaisa with her organisational skills and interest in anatomy. 

Yoga Here & There strives to have a team of diverse teachers for each training, with different backgrounds, nationalities, education and a wide range of yoga-experience. This way we hope to offer a multi-faceted and well-informed training each time. 

Yaisa Nio

Yaisa Nio by Angelas Lisman

When Yaisa (ERYT350) is passionate about something, she usually finds a way to turn the hobby into a vocation. After discovering the asana practice in 2007, she trained to become a teacher with Trimurti Yoga in India in 2013. A few years later, she was running their teacher trainings in Bali. In 2015, she founded Yoga Here & There which expanded in 2018 to become a registered teacher training school. Nowadays, Yaisa teaches weekly yoga classes and workshops in Australia in summer. The rest of the year, she runs Yoga Here & There teacher training programs around the world together with Darja.

As a true multistyle teacher and practitioner, she loves Ashtanga but can’t do without good dose of Yin. Hatha and Vinyasa are no strangers either. She enjoys teaching all these wonderful variations of yoga asana. Meditation and pranayama seamlessly integrate with her teachings as well.

You can read more about Yaisa here.

Darja Tjioe

Darja Marichyasana B colour Bali small

As a practitioner of Ashtanga, a lover of Hatha and Yin, Darja (ERYT-350 & Yin-100) happily guides you through the intricacies of yoga, pranayama and meditation. 

She shares her practice from experience, her intimate knowledge of asana and adjustment and her passion for (yoga-)philosophy.

Darja started her Ashtanga journey in 2010. She was fortunate enough to study at the very source of it all, in Mysore. 

Breathing techniques are also an integral part of Darja’s life. Through years of experience in swimming, scuba diving and competitive freediving, she has developed an intimate connection to the breath. 

She firmly believes that the answers are in getting on your mat every day, that cookies get in the way of Marichyasana D and that a true smile reaches all the way into the soul.

Support for your Yoga Teaching Journey


All Yoga Here & There students get access to free online yoga classes for life, as well as opportunities for ongoing training, exchange programs and internships. Internships give you a unique opportunity to observe how we teach, and gain behind-the-scenes insights into how our courses and retreats operate. You even get to teach some classes if you would like to.



Yoga Here & There is registered with Yoga Alliance (USA) and  Yoga Alliance® – International.

Our 250-hour yoga teacher training adheres and goes beyond to the 200-hour standard requirements of Yoga Alliance (USA). After completing your 250-hour training with us, you can become an RYT-200 member of Yoga Alliance (USA) to benefit from an internationally recognised credential. 

Yoga Alliance® – International reviewed and updated its standards in January 2017. Our 250-hour yoga teacher training reflects these upgraded requirements. After completing your 250-hour training with us, you can become an RYT250 member of Yoga Alliance® – International to obtain a globally recognised registry mark.

“I recently complete my 200-hour TTC in Bali and all I can say is that it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. Darja and Yaisa put all their heart and knowledge in this training and made everyone feel welcome. They encourage you to find your own voice and uniqueness and at the same time give you a great and solid foundation to start teaching yoga. And believe me I was absolutely not sure if I wanted to teach before the training started, my intention was to do it just for myself. But they pushed my confidence and empowered me enough to be sure now that I want to share the magic of yoga with others. The teachers and students made it a wonderful experience and I will be forever grateful to these beautiful and inspiring souls. ” 
~ Viktoria L. from Germany, June 2018