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20-hour Yin Yoga Training ~ Deep Dive into Meridians

Together with the Fleurieu-based acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner Paige Olsen (you can find her at All About Health), we have developed a unique training. It’s designed for those who want to get a firm grasp of Yin Yoga’s traditional Chinese roots in combination with an understanding of the modern view on fascial continuity.

If you are a yoga teacher who has completed a Yin training, you have no doubt discovered that there is much more to energy meridians than knowing the pathway. This training gives you the opportunity to truly dive into the energetics of the energy channels and the organ systems. With these insights, you deepen your own practice and that of your students.

You do not need to be a yoga teacher to join this course. For Yin Yoga aficionados or those interested in learning more about acupuncture and its holistic approach, this course is a fun, practical and hands-on experience.

During this course you gain some in-depth knowledge of the Chinese energy meridian system and how to apply this to the Yin Yoga practice.

The first two theory sessions introduce the foundational principles of Chinese Medicine and the modern concept of fascial meridians. We discuss concepts such as Yin Yang theory, Qi & blood, the five elements and the 12 primary meridians as well as the recent discoveries around fascia and anatomy trains. A presentation about the origin and philosophy of Yin Yoga is also part of the first weekend.

In each of the five remaining sessions, we discuss a pair of primary meridians following the cosmological order of the elements (Water, Fire, Wood, Metal, Earth). We explore the related anatomy trains and show how you can effectively release tightness in those layers of omnipresent connective tissues. You learn which Yin poses are effective  and discover important acupressure points. The sessions include practical and interactive activities.

The 90-minute masterclass following each theory session is for you to truly experience the power of Yin Yoga and to put into practice what you have learned during the session. Each class is designed around the element and meridian pair discussed in the morning. The effect of each practice can be quite intense and we encourage you to be open to any sensation, physical, mental or emotional that comes up.

We don’t send you home before serving you a nutritious snack and warming herbal brew.

Certification & Attendance:
If you attend all seven theory sessions and at least two masterclasses, you get a certificate of completion and you can log 20-hours of continuing education with Yoga Alliance International which also count towards a level upgrade.

Partial completion counts towards continuing education hours but not towards upgrade.

Theory sessions can be attended as stand alone classes. Due to limited space availability for the master classes, we give priority to students who join the theory session of the day. If there are any spots left, you can drop-in on a masterclass which will be confirmed last minute.

Course Dates: 
Introduction: Saturday 22 February/Sunday 23 February
Water & Fire: Saturday 28 March/Sunday 29 March
Wood & Metal: Saturday 18 April/Sunday 19 April
Earth: Sunday 3 May

Course Times:
All theory sessions run from 9.00 am to 11.30 am
All masterclasses run from 12.00 pm to 1.30 pm

Full course: 7 theory sessions + 7 masterclasses incl. certification $495
Certificate completion course: 7 theory sessions + 2 masterclasses incl. certification: $465 (additional masterclasses $10)
Same day single theory session + masterclass $85
Single theory session (no masterclass) $75
Single masterclass drop in $25

30-hour Alignment & Adjustments Training:
Hands-on Asana Labs

This training runs concurrent with the 250-hour part-time teacher training and is open to certified yoga teachers only. The training consists of 11 Asana Labs which are held in the afternoons of the first five weekends of the teacher training. 

During these sessions, the most important and foundational asanas are deconstructed and reconstructed in order to understand alignment. We discuss modifications, benefits & contra-indications and everything else there is to know about the poses. 

Together with the teachers and trainees of the 250-hour teacher training and the other students of the 30-hour training, you get to practice a myriad of physical adjustments, learning how to apply them safely and appropriately.

It is a great refresher course for existing teachers and a very useful training for new teachers who wish to become more confident about their adjustment skills.

After participating in all 11 sessions, you get a certificate of completion and you can log 30-hours of continuing education with Yoga Alliance. With Yoga Alliance Australia/International, these hours will even count towards an upgrade to the next level (e.g. from RYT-200 to RYT-300). 

Each Asana Lab can also be attended as a single session.

Entire course (11 sessions) including certification: $349
5 sessions: $169
3 sessions: $109
Single session: $39

Course Dates: 
Saturday 2 November/Sunday 3 November
Friday 6 December/Saturday 7 December/Sunday 8 December

Saturday 15 February/Sunday 16 February
Saturday 14 March/Sunday 15 March
Saturday 21 March/Sunday 22 March.

Course Times:
All Asana Labs run from 2.30pm to 6.00pm.

If you attended an Alignments & Adjustments workshop with me in February and/or April 2019, you can get dispensation for the first Asana Lab on 2 November, although I highly recommend you join anyway, just for the fun of it!

Yoga Here & There Adelaide Venue
Yoga Here & There Aldinga venue

“Such a great experience. I’m so glad I have chosen Yoga Here & There, must say I couldn’t have chosen better. Thanks to our amazing teachers, very professional, patient and cool yogis. Their vast knowledge is mind blowing and inspirational. “
~ Zuzana N. from London, July 2018