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yoga student ~ teacher ~ trainer ~ health coach

If you are interested in certificates and credentials, here is my list:

In the end, none of these papers or titles really matter though.
However, it shows my broad interest and experience in a variety of fields and industries. 

My life is characterised by constant movement, in search of meaningful connections, joyful abundance and authentic experiences. That is the basis of what I try to share with my students, clients and all the people around me; finding answers to the eternal question on how to balance mindfulness and integrity with a multi-tasking, modern-day lifestyle. We all aim for good health and true happiness and I enjoy sharing my experiences on these matters with others.

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Yaisa is a fantastic teacher, I love coming along to her classes and workshops.
Deanna M. from South Australia, November 2017

From Banker
to Beach Bum…

more about yaisa

Though my looks may suggest otherwise, I am Dutch and apparently my name is from Gambia. Google however, is rather fuzzy about its origin. Ultimately I don’t think it matters where a name comes from. I have felt at home in many places around the world. 

Born in The Netherlands from Chinese-Indonesian parents, I grew up moving from country to country. I have been fortunate to live in France, Argentina, England, Singapore, Egypt and the Maldives. Currently, my home base is in South Australia, in the Fleurieu Peninsula and I spend a lot of time in Bali in as well.

When I was a kid, we travelled incessantly, especially during school holidays. Inheriting my parents’ thirst for discovery, I continued exploring the world on my own from the age of sweet 16. Living in different continents taught me to appreciate cultural diversity, inclusivity and an open-mind. I learned to speak several languages. From a young age, I was already aware that the world was bigger than what I could see.

from banker…

However, until the age of 33, the main priorities in my materialistically prosperous and exuberant life were rather superficial. I was working for a multinational bank and thoroughly enjoying my expat life.

It was all about climbing the corporate career ladder, partying hard and spending all my money. I loved it and I still look back upon fantastic memories.

In 2006, I wandered into a gym in Singapore. Although I was only 32 years old, I was leading a typical modern-day, sedentary office life. Looking for a way to work out my gradually fattening and stiffening body, I started with some exercises on those machines until I noticed they offered yoga classes.

That first Vinyasa yoga class in the gym marked the beginning of a long journey that has nowhere near ended yet.

Yaisa Nio by Ivan Aliverti

… to beach Bum…

In 2008 I took a one-year sabbatical from my corporate job and became a diving instructor in Egypt. A year later, l was working in the Maldives on a safari boat and threw my banking career overboard.

The pleasure of working in and on the ocean with the corals reefs as my backyard largely made up for the lack of big bucks and important titles. Along the way, I had met Stefano and together, we travelled far and dived deep. After we got married, we embarked on the journey of our life. We emigrated to Australia and finally settled down after years of roaming around the world. 

I discovered the other love of my life in 2010 in Egypt: Ashtanga Yoga. I knew instantly that this was to become my personal practice. It fit me and my lifestyle to a T. Since then, I have studied and practiced with several amazing KPJAYI certified and authorised Ashtanga teachers such as Prem & Radha, Dylan BernsteinRegina Ehlers and Youngblood Roche

In 2015, I unfortunately had to put my Ashtanga practice on hold due to a shoulder injury sustained in a scooter accident. For a good giggle, ask me for the long version of that story!

Recovering from the injury taught me patience and humility. It required a softer style of yoga. That is when Yin and restorative yoga entered my life. I had studied these styles during the 200-hour multistyle yoga teacher training I took in Goa in 2014. But thanks to the injury they became and still are part of my daily practice and my teachings.


As soon as we got settled in Australia, I decided to start my own business. The freedom to choose my own working hours and organise things my way instead of fixing problems for others really appealed to me.

I established Yoga Here & There and began teaching yoga classes and run workshops in the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia.

In 2016, I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition® and became a Health Coach. This helped deepen my knowledge about the lifestyle choices available to lead a healthy and happy existence. By combining health coaching with my yoga experience, I help people living with chronic conditions by running especially developed Yoga & Health Coaching programs.

Invited to run yoga teacher trainings for a yoga teacher training school in Bali from 2016 till 2018, I gained a tremendous amount of experience on the educational side of the yoga business. 

In 2018, I took the big leap. With the help of one of my best friend and soul mate Darja, I founded Yoga Here & There Teacher Trainings, providing teacher trainings in Bali and soon after in South Australia too.

My purpose is to help others on their journey of discovery and adventure whilst enjoying my own life to the max. Though firmly grounded, graced with Dutch directness and a dry sense of humour, I approach life with authenticity and a down-to-earth spirituality that is fit for this fast-paced modern world. 

Yoga Here & There

“I hope to cross paths with you and find out what you and I can learn from each other.” 
~ Yaisa