250-hour Yoga Teacher Training

250-hour Multistyle Yoga Teacher Training

Get the details of our 250-hour yoga teacher training program!

250-hour Yoga Teacher Training

Looking for a training that is giving you that little bit extra? You have found it…

The market is flooding with 200-hour yoga teacher trainings. Of course, that is a development we can only applaud. More yoga is what this world needs. 

At Yoga Here & There, we like to keep up with our students’ demand for courses with high quality standards. Therefore, following the guidelines of Yoga Alliance® International, we offer a foundational 250-hour yoga teacher training course. 

Our 250-hour teacher training is the training for you if you…

250-hour multistyle teacher training

Our foundational 250-hour program is multistyle. During the morning practice, we focus on a different yoga style each week. During the evening practice, we share various yoga and mindfulness aspects with you, such as meditation, voice & body expression, Yin and restorative yoga and much more. Late mornings and early afternoons are dedicated to indispensable anatomy lessons, captivating philosophy classes, interactive asana labs and invaluable teacher’s toolbox sessions.

Most of all however, we give you the opportunity to practice that which you come for: teaching. Several hours a week, you get to apply what you have seen and heard during our classes and lectures. Through feedback and training you develop your teaching skills. You leave with experience, confidence and inspiration, ready to teach the second you leave our shala.

Our 250-training is an intensive program of 29 days and we currently run the course on the grounds of Villa Perancis, Amed, Bali. This beautiful family-run resort is located on the east coast of Bali, away from the overcrowded tourist areas.

Course Content

As you can see we are trying to be really specific about the number of hours you will spend on each topic. However, it’s quite impossible to understand alignment without knowing about the various asana styles and we can’t mention the name of a pose without referring to yoga philosophy. It is all about union, right? So if you intend to pin us down on the exact hours as stated above, good luck.

And for those of you who like to double check…  yes, our course adds up to more than 250 hours! Indeed, we promise that our teacher trainings are intensive and intense and that you will graduate with more skills and knowledge than you ever imagined.

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“I would have guessed after a month of intensive yoga teacher training that I would be ready for the break; however 3 days out & I’m missing it already! This speaks volumes for how wonderful the experience of completing my 250 hour yoga teacher training with Yoga Here & There was. Yaisa & Darja are knowledgeable & passionate beyond words, but even more important than this they are authentic. They supported me to connect deeply to my practise & all things yoga (on & off the mat) which I trust will not only help my journey in becoming a yoga teacher, but also to enjoy a more joyful & abundant life. Thank you ladies!”
~ Amanda I. from Western Australia, June 2019