250-hour Yoga Teacher Training Adelaide

Part-Time 250-hour Yoga Teacher Training
Adelaide & Bali

Dates for the next  teacher training in Adelaide (end of 2020/early 2021) coming up soon.
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Part-Time Yoga Teacher Training in Adelaide

Have you been waiting for a teacher training in Adelaide that takes things a little bit slower? Here it is…

Intensive, residential teacher trainings are fantastic. Full immersion, tropical resort-like sceneries, yoga 24/7. Heaven, right? But let’s be honest. It can be quite intense. Not everybody can afford to be away from home for a month. We have jobs, kids, cats… And sometimes we just want to savour things at a slightly slower pace. Just like not all yoga styles are suitable for all students, not all yoga teacher trainings are suitable for all aspiring teachers.

Therefore, we have developed a teacher training that offers the best of both worlds: a foundational 250-hour teacher training spread over a period of seven months, culminating in a week in that tropical paradise you’ve been dreaming of.

Following the guidelines of Yoga Alliance® International, our 250-hour part-time teacher training is equivalent to our intensive. The difference is that you get to breathe in between lectures, have more time to assimilate all that is shared with you and have the opportunity to explore yoga classes beyond the course during the training.

Our 250-hour part-time teacher training in Adelaide is the training for you if you…

  • live in or around Adelaide and its southern suburbs
  • wish to participate in a teacher training that combines with work or home commitments
  • don't mind spending a one-week working holiday in Bali
  • like to take your time to learn, research and apply what you learn
  • are looking for a Yoga Alliance accredited training
  • have at least one year of yoga practice experience (asana, pranayama and/or meditation)
  • want to share your love for yoga with others
  • are interested in getting more hours of teaching practice than in the average teacher training
  • wish to be an all-round, multistyle and versatile yoga teacher
  • have done trainings before and are looking for a valuable addition to your training experience
  • prefer training in small groups with plenty of time for individual attention
  • are interested in a down-to-earth, authentic and fun training

250-hour multistyle teacher training

Just like our original 200-hour program and our 250-hour intensive program, our part-time course is multistyle.

Spread over seven (two- and three-day) weekends, we focus on three different asana styles in the mornings and two different asana styles in the evenings. We give you the physical practice as well as the history, philosophy and all the technical aspects of each style. Not only asana, but also pranayama, meditation and other yoga related practices are part of the curriculum.

In between the training sessions, you are to attend yoga classes at other studios, with other teachers or self-practice in order to broaden your horizon as much as possible.

Other modules of the course consist of indispensable anatomy lessons, captivating philosophy classes, interactive asana labs and invaluable teacher’s toolbox sessions.

Most of all however, we give you the opportunity to practice that which you come for: teaching. Virtually each training day, you get to apply what you have seen and heard during our classes and lectures and practice teaching on your fellow trainees (and possibly some drop-in students!). Through feedback and practice you develop your teaching skills.

During the last training module in Bali, we wrap things up. Away from home and daily life for just over a week, you have the time to focus entirely on putting together and demonstrating all you have learned. You leave Bali with experience, confidence and inspiration, ready to teach the second you get back home.

The Adelaide modules are run at a location hidden in the scrub in Aldinga Beach. It’s 500 meter away from the sea, surrounded by bush, vineyards and only 45 minutes away from the city. 

The Bali module is conducted on the grounds of Kelapa Cottage in Amed. This beautiful family-run resort is on the east coast, tucked away in the jungle and a 10-minute walk from the beach. Amed is far away from the overcrowded tourist areas and offers a majestic view over Mount Agung from a safe distance.

Asana Lab
Teaching Practicum
Opening Circle

Course Content

  • 75 hours of asana and other yoga related practices such as meditation, pranayama and chanting (including external classes)
  • 35 hours of asana labs to practice and understand asana alignment and hands-on adjustments
  • 30 hours of anatomy including the subtle body with lots of movement and games to physically feel it rather than learn it by heart
  • 30 hours of presentation on the lineage, techniques and sequencing of the various asana styles and background on other yoga related subjects such as pranayama and ayurveda
  • 20 hours of history and philosophy of yoga, including the explanation of the Yoga Sutras, the Eight Limbs, the Bhagavad Gita and much more...
  • 20 hours of teaching and adjustments practice
  • 15 hours of classes on teaching skills, from soft to business
  • 10 hours of other fun, interesting and eye-opening subjects, including educational movies, creative workshops and spiritual explorations
  • 20 hours (or more) of teaching preparation, homework and study time

The above break-down is a rough indication of how you will spend your hours learning with us. Some subjects however, touch upon various modules. Alignment needs anatomy, teaching skills requires philosophy, there is no asana without pranayama… Each module will overlap or flow into another.

Spotted an inconsistency in our calculations? We like your eye for detail. Our course adds up to more than 250 hours indeed. We can guarantee you one thing: our program is intense and high quality. It requires your dedication, discipline and full commitment. The result will be more transformative and mind broadening than you could ever expect.

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Graduates Yoga Here & There Teacher Trainings

“Such a great experience. I’m so glad I have chosen Yoga Here & There, must say I couldn’t have chosen better. Thanks to our amazing teachers, very professional, patient and cool yogis. Their vast knowledge is mind blowing and inspirational. “
~ Zuzana N. from London, July 2018