Yoga Teacher Trainings

Yoga Teacher Trainings

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our mission

Our mission is to make the world understand that a hug, a deep breath in, a prayer and a handstand are all yoga. We believe that yoga is suitable for people of all ages, sizes, conditions and backgrounds. And yes, yoga can be challenging. But not because you must be able to stand on your head (which you really don’t need to).

Though we remain students forever ourselves, we intend to spread a genuine love for the eight limbs of yoga across the globe. We believe in teaching a variety of styles and paths of yoga. And not only during yoga teacher trainings. We want to contribute to a sustainable world. A place where we can live with more respect, empathy and love for each other and the planet. We do this by creating a safe space where we welcome everybody.

Whilst upholding the highest quality standards, we aim to make yoga accessible for everyone. Our main objective is to show that there is no one-yoga-fits all. Neither when it comes to teaching, nor when it comes to practicing. What you practice, may not be the right practice for someone else. And it may not be what you need later. We encourage you to always have an open and flexible mind.

our team

Yoga Here & There Teacher Trainings was founded by Yaisa Nio and Darja Tjioe. They have carefully developed the program of their yoga teacher trainings. They are based on their own experience as practitioners, teachers and trainers. One or both are always present as the lead teachers during the trainings. To complete the team, they recruit various teachers with specialised knowledge and skills. As a result, a balanced group of experienced and dedicated teachers is available for each training.

Yaisa Nio

Yaisa Nio by Angelas Lisman

When Yaisa is passionate about something, she usually finds a way to turn her hobby into a vocation. After discovering yoga in 2007, she trained to become a teacher with Trimurti Yoga. Trimurti is one of the most popular teacher training institutions in India. A few years later, she was running yoga teacher trainings for Trimurti Yoga in Bali. At the same time, she founded Yoga Here & There in South Australia. There she teaches weekly yoga classes, runs workshops and organises yoga events. 

When Yoga Here & There began to grow, she decided it was time to take the leap. Together with her partner in crime, Darja Tjioe, she registered Yoga Here & There as a teacher training school. Her mission is to share the valuable lessons she has learned throughout her yoga practice and through life with as many people as possible to spread the love for yoga around the world. You can read more about Yaisa here.

Darja Tjioe

As a practitioner of Ashtanga, a lover of Hatha and a dabbler in Yin, Darja happily guides you through yoga classes, teacher trainings and retreats. She shares her own experiences with her practice and teaching, her knowledge of asana and adjustment and her basic love of all things yogic. Darja started her Ashtanga journey eight years ago. She was fortunate enough to study at the very source of it all, in Mysore. 

Breathing techniques are also an integral part of Darja’s life. Through years of experience in swimming, scuba diving and freediving, she has developped an intimate connection to the breath. She now resides in Bali most of the year. There, she teaches daily classes and workshops in between yoga teacher trainings, retreats and free diving competition. She firmly believes that the answers are in getting on your mat every day. And also that cookies get in the way of Marichyasana D and that a true smile reaches all the way into the soul

yoga alliance

Yoga Here & There is a registered yoga school RYS® 200 with Yoga Alliance (USA) since March 2018.

RYS200 Yoga Teacher Trainings

Our 200-hour yoga teacher training adheres to the 200-hour standard requirements of the Yoga Alliance. After completing your training with us, you can become a member of Yoga Alliance to benefit from an internationally recognised credential. This certifies that you have met the minimum standards of yoga training according to Yoga Alliance.

“Yaisa has been a great influence in my yoga journey. After being a student in her classes I found out she was also an instructor for yoga teachers. I decided to do my training with her. I have no regrets, Yaisa has a gift with teaching and an in-depth understanding about the human body. I love soaking up her knowledge.”
~ Lucie S. from South Australia, April 2018